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as th▓e rank and file improved, so● did their leaders, when the “self-denying ordi●nance” eliminated incompetent soldiers, an●d handed over

Suspendisse pharetra eros molestie

the conduct of the war to those● who meant to bring it to a successful▓ issue.The true professional soldier ●was being made.The superior

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and more intellige●nt strategy of the end of the campaign▓ of43 1646 clearly shows this●, and by the end of the follow●ing year hostilities had practi▓cally ceased. FORMATION OF THE LINES OF▓ BATTLE AT NASEBY 14th JUNE 1645 Though the●re was at first much

similarity between the co●nduct of all the battles, ther▓e was an observable improvement on the Parliame▓ntary side as the years rolled ▓on; and the batt

le of Naseby is perhap●s the best evidence of the bette▓r tactical appreciation of the sit●uation than that of any early combat.It ev▓idenced ho

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w little the Royalists, how muc●h the Parliamentarians, had learne●d of th

  • teaching Cromwell and ▓his men,
  • if it taught their oppone
  • nts noth●ing.The handling o
  • f the three ar▓mies in 1644 was s
  • kilful.Thr●oughou

e art of war in this the f▓ourth year since hostilities began. Of co●urse the armies

  • t the whole contes
  • t, too, the better an▓d ste
  • adier pay of the Par
  • liamentary army● told; they p
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